13.1.1 Current Status Window (T27 Print Services)

When you run T27 Print Services, the Current Status window lists all print environments A set of configuration options that represents one host connection and determine how printing operates from that host. that exist in the current configuration file A file use by T27 Print Services to view and manage host printing. Each configuration file contains settings for up to eight print environments. The default configuration file is STDCFG.ATM. , as well as the status of any host print jobs that have been initiated.

Using the Current Status window, you can activate or deactivate a print environment, monitor data being printed, configure a print environment, close a spooled file manually, switch to the History Status window, print data in a Windows file, and exit Print Services.

Status Information


Displays whether the print environment is active or inactive. The environment must be active in order to receive data from the host.


Displays the print mode for the print environment.



Indicates that the data from the host will be sent directly to the printer or to a temporary spooled file that can be closed, saved, printed, or deleted manually.



Indicates that the data will be sent to a file.

File Name

For spool files:

The name of the spooled file, based on the time the first data buffer arrived. For example, if the first data buffer arrived at 01:35:00, then the file name is 01_35_00.000. If no data has been received, this area is blank.


For disk files:

The name of the file where the data will be sent.


Displays the current status of the print environment



Environment is active and ready to receive data.



Printing data directly to a printer or waiting for the file closure timeout to expire.



Spooling data from the host to a temporary file or receiving data in a Windows file.



Inactive, done with printing, or ready to receive data in a Windows file.

Elapsed Time

The amount of time (HH:MM:SS) that has elapsed since the status last changed.


The size (in bytes) of the spooled file or disk file. The size of the file changes as data is received from the host.



Save a selected file on the History Status list.


Toggle between the History Status and the Current Status.


Print the selected file.


Delete the selected file.

File Menu


Print the selected file.


Delete the selected file.

Copy to Disk

Save the selected file.


Stop printing or spooling data.

Print Monitor

Open a T27 session window that displays the data being received from the host.

Print DOS File

Print a file that has been saved on the PC hard disk or other disk.


Close the T27 Print Services application window, ending all active print sessions.

Status Menu


Activate and deactivate the selected print environment.


Toggle between the History Status and the Current Status.