12.0 Print and Transaction Router (PTR)

InfoConnect Print and Transaction Router (PTR) is optional print delivery software designed for airlines multi-device networks. PTR provides a communication path between the host and a supported device connected to your Windows system, and is independent of a terminal emulator. Print jobs can come from one or more mainframes or from an application that uses the PTR API. Scanned input from readers is always handled by a local application.

PTR can configure up to 16 printers for each Windows system. The status of four printers can be viewed at one time. Using PTR's interface functions, a host computer can send automated data through your Windows system to an attached printer. PTR doesn't initiate or even control print jobs; it provides communication paths between the host and the Windows printer.

Before you can send print jobs through PTR, you must create a route. Each route consists of three main parts:

  • The host path An InfoConnect path is a named collection of configuration settings that allows you to connect to a host. Paths are required for connections to ALC, T27 and UTS terminal sessions, and for PTR router connections. Path configuration data is stored in the InfoConnect database. . This path configures the communication link between PTR and the host.

  • The host filter. This is a DLL that initializes the host connection, manipulates the printer data for the selected output device, and sends the data to the output device.

  • The printer queue path. This path configures the communication link between PTR and the output device, such as a printer or file.

Route configuration information is saved to PTR32.INI, which is created in the InfoConnect data folder This folder location is configurable using the Data Location tab during installation. The default is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Micro Focus\InfoConnect. . Path configuration is saved to the InfoConnect database The InfoConnect database (ic32.cfg) contains connection settings information for ALC, T27, and UTS terminal sessions. The database contains information about all the InfoConnect packages, path templates and libraries that have been installed, as well the paths that have been created. The InfoConnect packages, path templates and libraries are included based on which product features (emulations and transports) are installed. .