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    Add Trusted Locations
    In This Topic

    In InfoConnect, you can save session documents and settings only to trusted locations — locations on the local hard disk that are considered safe for writing and reading user files. By default, InfoConnect designates your Windows Documents (%USERPROFILE%\Documents) and AppData (%AppData%) folders as trusted locations. To specify additional trusted locations, you must add those locations from the Specify Trusted Locations dialog box.

    To specify a trusted location

    1. Open the InfoConnect Workspace Settings dialog box as follows:

      If you are using this "look and feel"

      Do this...

      Microsoft Office 2007

      On the InfoConnect button  , choose InfoConnect Workspace Settings.

      Microsoft Office 2010

      On the File menu, choose InfoConnect Workspace Settings.

      InfoConnect Browser

      On the InfoConnect menu, choose Settings and then InfoConnect Workspace Settings.

    2. Under Trust Center, click Specify Trusted Locations.
    3. To add a trusted location, click Add New Location at the bottom of the page, and then click Browse to select it.

    For more information about trusted locations, see the InfoConnect Help.