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    Determine Which Type of Terminal You are Using
    In This Topic

    This guide provides sample programs and other types of information that are specific for each of the terminal types supported for your product.

    When you view samples and other tabbed content, make sure the tab for the terminal type you are using is selected. For example, the IBM tab is selected below.

    Note: Most of the samples in this guide do not include tabs for UTS, T27, or ALC terminals. However, you can modify the IBM samples to work for these terminals by replacing code for creating or opening sessions with the code in Open a Session or Create a New Session.

    OpenSystems refers to supported OpenSystems terminal emulations (UNIX, OpenVMS, and ReGIS Graphics). Names of all other terminal types are self-explanatory.

    After you select the tab for your terminal type, it remains selected on all subsequent topics until you select another type.

    To determine which type of terminal you are using

    1. Open a session in InfoConnect.
    2. View the file extension on the session tab to determine which terminal you are using:
      Terminal Type File Extension
      IBM .rd3x or .rd5x
      Open Systems .rdox
      ALC .ialc
      UTS .iuts
      T27 .it27