7.5.7 GTID Options Dialog Box (ATSTCP)

Use this dialog box to specify the configuration settings for your host connection. You can customize the Apollo Travel Services TCP (ATSTCP) path template to your environment.

Client ID

Workstation Name

Type the workstation name assigned on the Configuration Server by your network administrator. This value must be entered before clicking the Config Refreshbutton.

Terminal Options

Terminal Type

Select the terminal type (Terminal, Printer, and Application) to be assigned to this workstation.


Select the global terminal identifiers (GTID) to be assigned to this workstation. The available values change depending on the selected terminal type. The GTIDs are updated by the Configuration Server when you click Config Refresh.

APOLLO System Type

Select the system type you use.

  • Production System

  • Development System

  • Dial Up System

  • TAP08 System

ALC host configuration file (optional)

If you have a configuration file you want to use, type the path or click Browseto locate and select the file.

Config Refresh

Click this button to query the Configuration Server and request configuration information based on your workstation name. This query updates the configuration information in the GTID Options dialog box, the Global IP-Concentrator Options dialog box, and the IPC Address Listdialog box.

Global Config

Click this button to display the Global IP-Concentrator Optionsdialog box.