12.3.1 PTR Configuration Dialog Box

Wen you access the PTR Configurationdialog box from the InfoConnect Manager, you can use it to add, copy, edit or delete PTR routes. PTR supports a total of 64 routes (PTR Server supports 120 routes).

When you access the PTR Configurationdialog box, you can view a read-only list of the current route definitions.

Route Definition

Route Name

The route name can by anything. Each route consists of three parts: host filter, host path, and print queue. If an X appears before the route name, the route is disabled.

Host Filter

The host filter (.DLL) initializes the host connection, manipulates the printer data for the selected output device, and sends the data to the output device.

Host Path

The host path is the communication path between the host and Print and Transaction Router, such as a TCP/IP connection.

Print Queue

The print queue provides the communication path between PTR and an output device, such as a printer or a file. The printer path uses an Application Type of PTR in its path configuration. PTR provides a default printer queue paths that you can choose for COM1, LPT1, or the Windows Print Spooler.

Printer Type

The printer type can be Document, ATB, Bag/Tag, or Boarding.

Print Timeout

The length of time (0 to 3600 seconds) you want the host to wait for a response from the printer. If you type None or 0 (zero) in the text box, the host filter will always wait.