7.5.18 SHARES TCP Path Configuration Dialog Box

Terminal ID

Fixed ID

Select this option only if you don't use ID management. You must also enter 2 digit values for the line number, the interchange address and the terminal address.

Use ID Management

Select this option if you don't use a fixed terminal ID. If your ID management requires that you use a pool, select the name of the pool from the drop-down list or configure it.

ID Pool

Select this option if you use a pool within your ID management system. If the pool doesn't appear in the list, click Configure pools to specify the pool name.

If you select this option, you must also select Use ID Management.

Notify host every N minutes (printer)

Select the number of minutes to periodically send a reminder notification to the print host. The reminder contains the terminal address, which is helpful if you lose connection with the print host. Your situation will determine the how often the notification should be sent.

Automatic reconnect

Automatically establish communication with the host when a terminal emulation sessions that uses this path is first opened. When this box is cleared, you must press the transmit key or issue a $$OPEN command to establish a session with the host application.

Cnf File (Optional)

If you prefer to configure SHARES using a configuration file, click Browse to select it.