Terminal Setup - Function Keys (Reflection HP)

HP Terminal > Setup > Terminal > Function Keys

The Function Keys tab lets you select which set of key labels are displayed along the bottom of your screen, and lets you customize eight user keys. A user key definition consists of the following:

  • A 16-character label (eight characters per line)

  • A string of up to 80 characters that is produced when the key is pressed

  • An attribute determining how Reflection processes the string when the key is pressed

Function Key Set

This option determines which set of function key labels display at the bottom of the terminal window.

Insert Special Characters

To include escape sequences and ASCII control codes in the user key string, select Insert special characters. If you're using the Tab key to tab through the dialog box fields, you must clear the Insert special characters check box; otherwise you'll insert the ASCII tab character each time you press the Tab key.

The following list shows some examples of keys and key combinations that create certain escape sequences (shown by the two-letter mnemonic that appears on your screen):

  • Enter : CR
  • Tab : HT
  • Backspace: BS
  • Esc : EC
  • Ctrl+Q: D1
  • Ctrl+S: D3
  • Ctrl+E : EQ
  • Ctrl+X : CN