10.5.7 Transfer Files between Two Remote Sites

You can use the FTP Client to drag files between two remote sites.

To transfer files between two remote sites

  1. Connect to your first server site.

  2. From the Connection menu, click Connect to a second site.

    The server pane will display files and folders for both sites.

  3. Use the drag-and-drop method to transfer files directly from one server to another.


  • If the transfer type is Binary and both connections are configured without security features in place (such as use of a proxy server, Secure Shell, port forwarding, or sftp) the data is transferred directly over the data channel between the two sites.

  • If there is a secure connection to either server, or the transfer type is not Binary, the client downloads the file to a temporary location on your PC and then uploads it to the other site. The temporary file is deleted after the transfer is complete.