10.6.6 Working with Filename Characters

The FTP Client supports long filenames. Long filenames in Windows can contain spaces. The only characters that are not allowed are:

\ / : * ? " < > |

The following length limitations apply:

  • Maximum path (excluding the filename): 246 characters (including drive letter, : character and \ character). This limit of 246 allows for the addition of a filename in the standard 8.3 format with the terminating null character.

  • Maximum filename: 256 characters (including terminating null character)

  • Maximum fully qualified name (path + filename): Varies slightly with different Windows operating systems. Use 259 characters to ensure a valid path for all Windows systems.

Working with filenames that contain spaces

When you use FTP or SFTP commands, any filename that contains spaces must be enclosed in double quotation marks. For rules on how quotation marks are used, see the Quotation Marks in FTP or SFTP Commands topic.

Working with server filenames that contain prohibited characters or are too long

For file transfers to the PC, the FTP Client automatically ensures that the name given to the file on your PC is valid in Windows by using the following rules:

  • Strip all illegal characters. Example: fast*lane becomes fastlane.

  • Invalid characters are: \ / : * ? " < > |

  • If necessary, truncate the filename. In Windows, the length limitations described above are applied.

  • The Windows path is always preserved. If the server filename plus the destination Windows path is greater than the maximum allowed, the server filename is truncated.

  • If the filename begins with a period, the appropriate number of characters are removed from the end of the filename. If the filename contains periods, the client determines the location of the last period in the name and truncates the appropriate number of characters to the left of the period.

If you want transfers from a server site to automatically derive a valid DOS name when the server filename is too long or when it contains invalid characters, select the Create Windows file names in 8.3 format option on the Transfer tab in the Site Properties dialog box.