1.11.3 Bookmarks Tab

Using this tab, you can specify which host screens should be bookmarks. You can also create a bookmark file if one does not already exist for the selected bookmark.


Click this button to add the selected host screen to the list of bookmarks.


Click this button to remove the selected host screen from the list of bookmarks. This displays the host screens that are currently specified as bookmarks.

Create Bookmark File

Click this button to create a bookmark file for the selected bookmark. This button is dimmed if no bookmarks have been created or if a bookmark file already exists for the selected bookmark.

If necessary, click Add to create a bookmark, and then click Create a Bookmark File.

If Automatically Create Bookmark Files is selected on the Global Preferences dialog box, a bookmark file is created automatically each time you create a bookmark.

Set the bookmark file options:

  • Filename

    This text box displays the default name for the bookmark file. The default name is the recorded host screen name followed by an underscore and the session name. If desired, type a different name for the bookmark file. You do not have to include the .BKM file extension; this extension is added automatically to any name you type in this text box.

    The icon that will be used for this bookmark file in My Computer is shown.

  • Change Icon

    Click this button to specify the icon to use for the bookmark file. This icon appears in My Computer and your desktop (if you create a shortcut or program icon for the bookmark file).

    By default, the icon used by session is also used by the bookmark file.