4.7.8 Security Options

Using Security you can control how the product performs. You can remove commands from menus, disable buttons on toolbars and QuickPads, and disable keys on keyboard maps.

For example, if you want to stop all users from creating a new session, you can secure the New Session command. The next time a user tries to create a new session, the New Session command will no longer appear in the File menu, and any keystrokes or buttons that are supposed to open a new session will be disabled as well. (If the user tries to use the keystroke or button to open a new session, a security error message is displayed.)

In addition you can limit who can use Security by adding password-protection to Security. When you set a Security password, the user will have to enter the password before he or she can change any security settings.

NOTE:The Security dialog box contains commands that may not be available with different configurations. For example, if you have not configured a File Transfer protocol, file transfer commands will not appear in the Tools menu or the toolbar. Also, if you remove all commands from a menu, that menu name will not appear on the menu bar.

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