5.0 InfoConnect Database Editor

The InfoConnect Database Editor is installed when you install any of the Micro Focus InfoConnect emulators (such as T27, UTS, or ALC).

Using the Database Editor, you can view the contents of your InfoConnect database and add, modify, or delete the paths and path-related information.

The Database Editor can be used not only with Micro Focus transports, but also with any InfoConnect-compatible library, including those included with InfoConnect Connectivity Services (such as TELNET) and any custom or third-party libraries developed by other vendors.

Starting the Database Editor

You can start the Database Editor in several ways:

  • Click the Start button, point to Programs, point to Micro Focus InfoConnect Enterprise Edition, and click Database Editor.

  • If you run Accessory Manager and open a session that does not have a path specified in its configuration, the Select InfoConnect Path dialog box appears. This dialog box includes an Edit button. When you click Edit, Accessory Manager runs the Database Editor.

  • If you run Accessory Manager and configure the connection settings for the session, the Settings - Connection dialog box appears. This dialog box also includes an Edit button that runs the Database Editor.

Database Editor Application Window

The top portion of the Database Editor application window displays a list of installed transports (Connection Type) and a list of paths that use that transport. The lower portion of the window displays configuration information for the selected path.

The appearance of the lower portion of the application window changes, depending on which item is selected from the Connection Type list box. All of the Micro Focus transports display customized tabs to make path configuration easier. All other transports display a generic tab that provides access to that transport's configuration dialog boxes.

You can press Tab to move from the right pane to the rest of the fields on the application window.

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