SlideShow/Mainframe Demo

The SlideShow/Mainframe Demo option is a demonstration feature that lets you simulate a connection and the response time when you go from one host screen to another.

The SlideShow General Page

Use this page to select a sample slideshow file (.PSS), which simulates a mainframe session.




Type the filename of the SlideShow file (.PSS) you wish to view.

Pause Time Between Screens (secs)

Type the number of seconds to delay between screens. This allows you to simulate the response time of a real host connection.

Browse button

Choose to search for a specific SlideShow file.

To configure a Mainframe Demo connection

  1. Start a new session for the host and select Slide Show as your connection type.

  2. From the next page, select the name of the SlideShow file (.PSS) you wish to view. Choose Browse to view a list of SlideShow files