3.4.2 The Insert Functions Dialog Box

In this dialog box, you can insert a wait command which pauses the macro until the specified host conditions are met, move the cursor to a new position on the host or pause the macro and display a text prompt.

To insert special macro functions

The following steps describe how to insert special macro functions as you record a macro.

  1. From the Macro Recorder panel, press the Insert button.

  2. Select the function you'd like to insert.

    • Wait functions cause the macro to wait until specified host conditions are met before resuming (specific text appears, host is ready, a specified number of seconds has elapsed, the cursor is positioned at a specified row and column, the cursor moves up, down, left, or right a specified amount). Wait functions are useful in macros that require the host to do time-consuming processing.

    • Moving the cursor position moves the cursor to a new position on the host screen.

      This function repositions the cursor only when the macro is running. As you record, you must move the cursor manually.

    • Entering text pauses the macro and displays a text prompt. When responded to, the macro resumes.

  3. Choose the OK button.

  4. Finish recording your macro.