3270 DISOSS File Transfer

This section describes how to send and receive files for host-initiated file transfers using PS/CICS DISOSS (Distributed Office Support System). DISOSS works in conjunction with an IBM PC program called TRANSFER. DISOSS transfers are performed using PC/CICS menu commands.

Before you can transfer files using DISOSS, your mainframe must meet the following requirements:

  • PS/CICS must be available on the mainframe with appropriate VTAM settings.

  • CICS must be active on the DISOSS network.

  • Must have a DFT connection and be able to receive EDS (Extended Data Stream) from the mainframe.

  • The TRANSFER program must be running in the PC display session.

The following information on configuring CICS and VTAM is optional:

  • Uppercase translation should be off to support both uppercase and lowercase characters. If uppercase translation is on, all lowercase characters are translated to uppercase.

  • Dual-case keyboard should be supported. If uppercase translation is off, both cases need to be supported.

  • Program symbols must be supported.

  • Query must be set to ALL.

  • A logmode table entry must be defined for EDS (Extended Data Stream).