The Settings Dialog Box - General Page (Receive)

The options you set in the General Settings page specify how a file is handled during a transfer session. Choose which action to take if the PC file already exists and whether to create a Field Description File.

Table 4-106



PC Settings

Create Field Description File

Creates a description file that lists the fields and formats (the number of characters in a text field, the format of dates and times, and number of significant digits in numerical fields) in a file. If a file is to be modified and sent back to the AS/400, the Field Description File is required so that the information can be returned properly.

File name

Enter a new filename or use the Browse button to locate an existing file.


Choose to search for a specific PC file.

File Type

Specifies the type of conversion to be used when you are receiving a file from the AS/400. Choose one of the types listed below.

  • ASCII Text

  • Data Interchange Format (DIF) Format

  • DOS Random

  • No Conversion

  • CSV Format

  • BIFF Format

Include Field Descriptions

Allows Field Names (Description) to be included in the file data.

NOTE:Previously, file transfer automatically added a row of data with the AS/400 field names in the respective column. This caused extra processing when trying to read the file for upload. However, if you would like to retain that method for handling .BIFF files, select this option.

Action on Existing File

When you are receiving an AS/400 file, allows you to append, overwrite, or rename an existing PC file, save the incoming file with a unique name, prompt for the action to be performed on the file, or elect not transfer the file.

Translate Fields with CCSID 65535

Fields with CCSID (Coded Character Set ID) 65535 often contain binary data which is not intended for translation. Selecting this option causes these fields to be treated as character fields, which are translated.

Date/Time As Values

Controls the transfer of Date, Time, (timestamp) fields. If this check box is cleared, these fields are transferred as text strings and cannot be used by Excel in formulas. If selected, these fields are transferred as values that can be manipulated by Excel.

NOTE:Due to floating point math problems, a timestamp will change (at the millisecond level) when moved as a value.