CICS File Transfer IND$FILE

Extra! supports two different types of CICS transfers: IND$FILE, and DISOSS (Distributed Office Support System). Both types of file transfer are known as host-based transfer because they are controlled by programs running on the host. The IND$FILE file transfer program is run from an interactive mainframe application that works with IBM CICS IND$FILE program to transfer files. DISOSS is run using PS/CICS or OfficeVision/MVS, programs available on many CICS systems, and works in conjunction with the PC program TRANSFER. For CICS IND$FILE file transfer, the send and receive options are different from the options for the other host environments, such as CMS and TSO. However, you can select options for all three environments in each scheme so that you can use the same scheme regardless of environment constraints.




Choose an existing transfer scheme or create a new transfer scheme.

Save As

Saves your transfer scheme under the filename and location you provide.


Choose to delete the selected file transfer scheme

Host File

This option allows you to specify where the mainframe stores a file before the file is sent or after it is received. The default is the host default.


  • HTF: The Host Transfer File.

  • TS: A CICS temporary storage queue.

  • LST: The VSE (Virtual Storage Extended) power list queue.

  • RDR: The VSE power reader queue.

  • PUN: The VSE power punch queue.

CICS Send Parameters

Specify any additional IND$FILE parameters needed to send a PC file.

CICS Receive Parameters

Specify any additional IND$FILE parameters needed to receive a PC file.

CICS Comments

(Optional) Add comments to a file. Use any combination of letters and numbers, but do not use parentheses.

Using IND$FILE file transfer with CICS

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Transfer File.

    The Transfer File dialog box appears.

  2. Select either Send or Receive.

  3. Under PC in the Filename box, enter the name of the new file (or existing file, if you are appending) or choose the Browse button to search for a file.

  4. Under Host, in the Filename box, enter the name of the existing mainframe file or choose the Browse button to search for a file.

  5. Under Host, for Type, select CICS from the list. For most file transfers, the default settings are adequate. However, you can change the settings to control how the PC file you are transferring will be stored on the mainframe.

    NOTE:To edit the settings of the transfer scheme you are using, choose the Settings button and select the CICS page.

  6. Choose the Transfer button to begin the transfer operation.

    The File Transfer Progress dialog box is displayed during the transfer informing you of its status.