TSO is an interactive mainframe application that resides under the MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) operating system. This system works with IBM TSO IND$FILE program to transfer files. The TSO send and receive options are different from the options for the other host environments, such as CMS and CICS. However, you can select options for all three environments in each scheme so that you can use the same scheme regardless of environment constraints.




Choose an existing transfer scheme or create a new transfer scheme.

NOTE:For IND$FILE file transfers you can select a scheme from or save a scheme to a local or a remote location.

Save As

Saves your transfer scheme under the filename and location you provide.


Choose to delete the selected file transfer scheme.

Record Format

Specifies the record format of the mainframe file. You can choose from Host Default, Fixed, Variable, or Undefined. The default is Host Default.

Record Length

Specifies the logical record length for the file, where the value is the number of characters in each record. The acceptable range of values is based on the selected record format. The default record length is 255 bytes. If the record format is variable or fixed, enter a value of 5 to 32767 (inclusive). If you are appending to an existing file, the record length is ignored. For most file transfers, you won't need to change this option.

Block Size

Specifies the appropriate size of the TSO data set, where the value is the number of bytes per block.


Specifies the amount of space to be allocated on the host for a new data set.


Specifies an additional increment of space units on the host for a new data set. If the amount of space defined in the Quantity field is insufficient, use this option to specify an additional amount of space on the host.

Space Units

Specifies whether space on the mainframe is assigned in blocks, tracks, or cylinders. If you select blocks, you must also enter an Average Block Size.

Average Block

If the type of space unit specified was blocks, enter the average block size.

TSO Send Parameters

Any additional parameters needed to send a PC file.

TSO Receive Parameters

Any additional parameters needed to receive a PC file.

To use IND$FILE file transfer with TSO

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Transfer File.

    The Transfer File dialog box appears.

  2. Select either Send or Receive.

  3. Under PC in the Filename box, enter the name of the new file (or existing file, if you are appending) or choose the Browse button to search for a file.

  4. Under Host, in the Filename box, enter the name of the existing mainframe file or choose the Browse button to search for a file.

  5. Under Host, for Type, select TSO from the list. For most file transfers, the default settings are adequate. However, you can change the settings to control how the PC file you are transferring will be stored on the mainframe.

    NOTE:To edit the settings of the transfer scheme you are using, choose the Settings button and select the TSO page.

  6. Choose the Transfer button to begin the transfer operation. The File Transfer Progress dialog box is displayed during the transfer informing you of the transfer status.