The Preferences Dialog Box

The Preferences dialog box allows you to specify additional options for your file transfer configuration file. You access this dialog box by choosing Preferences from the Options menu. You can choose to set any of the options listed below.

Application Options


Close Application When Transfer is Complete

Closes the application when the file transfer is complete.

Start Transfer Immediately When Configuration File is Opened

Transfers files more quickly. When you open a file transfer configuration file, it immediately starts transferring files.

Host Response Timeout (seconds)

Specify the number of seconds the file transfer program waits for the host transfer program to respond to a command before file transfer is terminated. The default is 60 seconds. You can enter any number between 1 and 999 seconds.

Transfer Progress Options


Show Transfer Progress

Shows how many records have transferred while a transfer is in progress. File Transfer displays the number of records in the Status dialog box as they are transferred.

Close Transfer Progress at Completion of Transfer

Closes the AS/400 File Transfer window immediately upon completion of the last transfer.

Display Transfer Summary

Displays the Transfer Summary dialog box when the Progress dialog box closes.

If no MEMBER name is specified

Determines the action if no specific member name is requested.

Transfer only the member identified as "*FIRST"

Transfers only the member identified by the files *FIRST parameter.

Transfer the member with the same name as the file

Transfers only the member whose name is the same as the file name.

Download all members in the file

Transfers every member in the selected file, using one of the selected methods: Concatenate all Members into One PC File, or Each Member is a Separate File.

Concatenate all Members into One PC File

Transfers all members as one file.

Each Member is a Separate File

Transfers individual members as separate files. Each new file is named by combining the original file name and the member name.