Problems with Files that have been Transferred

A successfully transferred file may be unusable at the destination if the original file is not readable on the system it has been transferred to, or if the parameters controlling the transfer were inappropriate.

  • If a File Sent to the Mainframe is Unreadable

    Make sure that the file you sent from your PC was saved as a text-only file and that you selected the correct options in the Transfer File dialog box.

  • If You Cannot Open a File Received on Your PC

    Verify that the Host Filename and PC Filename you specified prior to the file transfer are correct. Also make sure that the file you sent from the mainframe was a text format file.

  • If a Received File has Only One "Paragraph"

    Make sure that the Remove Line Ends parameter in the transfer scheme used for the transfer is set correctly.

  • A File Sent and then Received has a Different Number of Bytes

    In some circumstances the mainframe strips spaces from, or adds them to, the end of each record. Except for these spaces, the information in the file should be unaffected.