Loading a Picture

GraphX allows you to load graphics images that have been previously saved. When you load the picture, GraphX uses a picture configuration file. The configuration file has the same name as the command sequence file, but has a .UGC extension. If a configuration file is not found, the picture is loaded with the current configuration parameters.

To display a previously saved graphics image, select Load Picture from the File menu. The Load Picture dialog box appears, from which you can select an image.

File Formats

GraphX can save and load graphics images in either ASCII or binary format. The default ASCII format has the .GRX extension. The default binary format has the .UGP extension.

NOTE:GraphX looks for an image's configuration information in a different file with the same name, but with a .UGC extension. If the configuration file is not found, the default configuration file is loaded. If neither configuration file is found, the image is displayed using the default attributes.