3.8.3 Keyboard Map Editor

The Keyboard Map Editor displays a graphic representation of a PC keyboard. Using this editor, you can create keyboard maps or edit existing ones that you can then load and use with your sessions.

Using this editor, you can perform a number of tasks:

  • Copy an action from one location to another.

  • Copy an action from the default keyboard map to the working keyboard map.

  • Assign an action to a key.

  • Delete an action from a key.

Up to 300 keys can be mapped. In addition, the keys on each keyboard map are color-coded. The red keys cannot be mapped, but the black keys and blank keys can be mapped.

Several keystrokes, such as Alt+Scroll Lock, are reserved Windows functions and cannot be overridden by the keyboard map. These keystrokes will always perform their standard Windows functions rather than any other function specified on the keyboard map.

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