InfoConnect MATIP Transport

The InfoConnect MATIP Transport package consists of the MATIP32.dll library.

As shown in the following figure, this library enable PCs to communicate with IBM TPF and Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200 Series hosts via any Winsock-compatible TCP/IP network:

Figure 4-9

The MATIP external interface library is included in the InfoConnect TCP/IP Transport package. Both MATIP and the TCP/IP Transport are installed automatically when you select MATIP during installation. When you create or configure MATIP paths, you configure both MATIP and the TCP/IP Transport.

MATIP Features

MATIP offers a number of features:

  • You can create paths for both UTS and ALC sessions.

  • You can identify the host using either an IP address or a domain name.

  • You can specify a number of communication options, such as enabling Connection Status Queries.

  • ALC users can specify a .CNF file (SMTBF configuration file).

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