6.7.1 Configuring the PTR LPT Options

In the LPT Configuration dialog box, select the parallel port you want to use from the drop-down list box.

Dialog Box Options


application type

A code that indicates which accessories can use a particular product. For example, paths with MT as their application type can be used with T27, but not with UTS.

external interface library (EIL)

A library that provides the link between the PC and an external transport service. Each InfoConnect path must use an external interface library.


A mainframe, mini-computer, or information hub with which the PC communicates.


A piece of communication software that can be used singly or in combination with other libraries to enable communication between PCs and hosts and between applications on the PC.


A named set of configuration data required to establish communication between the PC and a host.

path template

A combination of one or more libraries. If a library in the path template can have library channels, the path template can also indicate which library channel to use.

service library (SL)

A library that provides communication processing for an external interface library.