Remote Command Utility

The Remote Command utility provides a way to start and control non-interactive programs.

The settings for Remote Command are:

  • Host Selection: Includes Host Name, Configure Host and Edit Host Configuration options for you to select/configure the AS/400 connection.

  • Host Name: Identifies the AS/400 connection.

  • Configure Host: Displays the AS/400 Connection dialog box from which you can select, configure, edit and test a connection type to the host.

  • Edit Host Configuration: Displays the AS/400 Connection dialog box from which you can select and define general settings for your AS/400 connection.

  • Send Command: Sends the selected command line to the host. The cursor location determines which line is the current line to be sent.

  • Send All Commands: Sends all the commands listed in the Command Lines box, to the host.

  • Command Lines: Type the Command Lines you want to send to the host or paste command lines (copied from your display session).

  • Clear Output: Clears the Command Output Messages box.

  • Command Output Messages: Displays the actual messages that were sent.

To access Remote Command from Windows command line

To execute a command from the Windows command line, type the following command: