Creating New Command Scripts

You can create command scripts to send one command or multiple commands from your PC instead of the host. You can either create new command scripts or create command scripts based on previous scripts.

To create new command scripts

  1. When the Remote Command utility opens, the header reads Untitled   Remote Command. At this point you can create a new script on this screen.

    NOTE:If you have a previously created Remote Command script open, choose New from the File menu.

  2. Type the command that you want to send to the host, or if you have copied commands from your display session, paste them into the Command Lines box.

  3. Configure a connection to an AS/400:

    • To select a Connection Type to the host, choose the Configure Host button.

    • To define general settings for your AS/400 connection, choose the Edit Host Configuration button. You will need to select the appropriate host and PC options.

  4. To send one command line, move your cursor to the command line to be sent, then choose the Send Command button.


    To send all the commands listed in the box, choose the Send All Commands button.

  5. When commands are sent, the actual messages that were sent display in the Command Output Messages box.

    NOTE:If an incorrect command line is sent, an error message displays. To clear the Command Output Message box choose the Clear Output button.

  6. When you are finished:


    From the file menu

    Save new command scripts

    Choose Save.

    Save edited command scripts to be resubmitted

    Choose Save As.

    Close the Command Line utility without saving your changes

    Choose Exit.