2.4 Run Extra! from the Command Line

You can use command-line options to start Extra! with a specified configuration or to create new configurations on the fly.

  • The command-line option creates a TN3270 connection unless a different kind of connection is specified using the /i option.

  • When running Extra! from the command line, a 101-key keyboard is required.

To run Extra! from the command line

  • From the command line, type:

    extra.exe /h "host"

where host is the name or IP address of the host you want to connect to on startup. IP addresses can be in the format abc.def.ghi.jkl:zz,where the portion after the colon (:) specifies the port to which you are connecting.

The /h command-line parameter is mandatory. All other command-line parameters are optional (see the following table). Parameters entered with a command-line option must be enclosed in quotation marks and cannot contain the slash (/) character.

Optional command-line parameters







Imports settings for the connection from the specified configuration file, typically a host template file (.edp).




No logo; the Extra! splash screen is not displayed on start-up.




Displays the specified window title in the title bar of Extra!. The specified title is also used as the default filename when you save the configuration file using Save As from the File menu. If more than one file exists with this name, a numerical suffix is added to the name.




Loads the specified keyboard map file (.ekm).

Schemes\ENU\Extra! Office (101 key).ekm


source directory path

Specifies the source location for configuration files.



destination directory path

Specifies the destination location for configuration files.




Runs the specified macro as a start-up macro.




Loads all settings that are not included on the command line from the specified session profile. When the session is closed, the profile may be updated, depending on the Auto-save global preference setting.