The Telnet Settings - Connection Advanced Page

Use the options in the Telnet Advanced page to set additional parameters for access to hosts using TCP/IP. The information that you type in the Telnet Advanced page is saved when you save your session, and used whenever you use the same session profile.

Table 4-112



Data Bits

Specify the number of data bits for each character. The default is 8. In most cases, you do not need to change this option. During option negotiation, if the host explicitly requests either 7- or 8-bit mode, your selection in this box is overridden.

Pair Carriage Return (CR) With Line Feed (LF)

Select this option to append a line feed when sending a new line signal.

Initiate Telnet Option Negotiation

Try to make the host Telnet match your Telnet setup when establishing a new connection. If the host Telnet cannot match its setup, your Telnet changes to the host Telnet setup. Typically, initiating option negotiation is the client Telnet's responsibility; however, some host Telnets do not let clients do this.

Enable Telnet Window Size Option Negotiation

Enable the Telnet option for negotiating window size. When enabled, changes in window size are sent to the host. This option is enabled by default.

Default Telnet Application for Browsers

Select to make Extra! your default browser for Telnet connections.

Use All Available Types

Offer all terminal types emulated, and negotiate with the host for the most suitable type. The latest terminal type RFC (1091) is fully supported. If none of the terminal types presented is accepted during negotiation, the most advanced type available becomes the default. This is the default.

Use Current Type

Restrict negotiation to only the current terminal type. This is derived from the information supplied in the Terminal Mode and, for some session types, DA Response options in the Settings - Display General page.

Use Only The Following Type

Type a custom terminal type to respond with during negotiation if your Telnet server does not support RFC 1091. This option satisfies the host software, but does not affect the display. If you think you should select this option but are unsure what you should type, contact your system administrator for more information.