3270 Display Miscellaneous Page

Use this dialog to enable miscellaneous options for your 3270 display session. Extra! supports lightpen-detectable fields in a 3270 application.

NOTE:Extra! supports lightpen-detectable fields in a 3270 application. Make sure that your lightpen device is recognized by the operating system and configured to emulate a mouse.

Table 4-67



Numeric Field Override

Overrides the setting in fields that typically accept only numbers, enabling the user to enter letters and send them to the host system. Depending on the specific details of the host environment, it may or may not accept the data.

Keyboard Auto Reset

Select to prevent your keyboard from locking if you enter text in a protected field.

Word Wrap

Specifies whether text is wrapped to the next available field when entered text is too long to fit into the text entry field.


Enables your keyboard to support the "A Programming Language" (APL) character set. The default is on.

Mouse Options - Support Lightpen with Left Button Click

Enables support for the lightpen (a light-sensitive device that can be used to select fields on the screen) configured as a mouse.

Mouse Options - Right Button Click

Allows you to choose the configuration for the right mouse button. You can select Windows Default, Emulate Lightpen or Send ENTER Key

To configure a 3270 session to accept lightpen

  1. From the Options menu, choose Settings.

    The Settings dialog displays.

  2. Choose the Display category.

    The General page displays.

  3. Choose the Miscellaneous tab. The Miscellaneous page displays.

  4. Select the Support Lightpen with left button click option.


    If you want to use the right mouse button to emulate lightpen, then select Emulate Lightpen from the Right Button Click drop-down list.

  5. Choose the OK button.

    The session is now ready to recognize lightpen-detectable fields.

    If no lightpen is available or if you want to use the keyboard instead of the lightpen, the text cursor and cursor select key can be substituted. Move the session's text cursor to a lightpen-detectable field and then press the Cursor Select key to simulate lightpen input.

To determine which key is configured as the Cursor Select key for your keyboard

  1. From a session View menu, choose Keyboard Map.

  2. Scan the keyboard map for either the Cursor or cur sel key it is often the scroll lock key.

  3. Close the keyboard map.