AT386 Sessions

Choose AT386 in the New Session wizard to emulate an AT386 text terminal.

When you choose AT386, several of the default display settings are different than when you select a VT terminal mode:

  • The default number of lines per page is 25.

  • Automatic line wrap is enabled.

  • User keys are always locked. The option becomes unavailable in the user interface.

  • On the Keyboard page, only the Bell options are available.

  • The options on the Local Edit page are unavailable.

In addition, options in the Graphics and Tektronix pages have no effect. (The Graphics and Tektronix pages are available only in VT340 sessions.)

To create an AT386 session

  1. In the New Session wizard, in response to the question "What type of session would you like to use" choose AT386.

  2. In the New Session wizard, also select a Connection Type and File Transfer Protocol. After making your selections, choose Finish.

  3. When your session starts, from the Options menu, choose Settings.

  4. Under Categories, choose Display.

  5. Select a User-Preferred Character Set. AT386 mode does not recognize national character sets.

    NOTE:To use the any of the Turkish or Greek character sets, you must select the Arial Terminal or Lucida for Attachmate font. To select a font, under Categories, choose Font.

  6. To map your keyboard to AT386-equivalent keys, under Categories, choose Keyboard Maps.

  7. In the General page under Select A Keyboard Map, select AT386 (101 KEY).EKM.

    By default, ALT+key and SHIFT+ALT+key combinations are not supported. If you need to use codes generated by these combinations, you can map a key on your keyboard to the combination you need.