Customizing Your Graphics Sessions

Extra! host graphics emulation lets you customize host sessions to fit your needs. You can choose the IBM graphics terminal to emulate, and customize your terminal emulation. Emulating a mainframe graphics terminal in Windows gives you a very powerful tool in an easy-to-use-environment, with various display and performance options to choose from. You can customize your graphics by using the options on the Display page. The graphics options include selecting the graphics cursor type and the colors for your session.

You can start a graphics session using the Settings dialog box after you have started a terminal session. On the General Page in Display, you can choose the following:

  • graphics model for your graphics session

  • support for extended attributes

  • program symbols and the light pen device

  • graphics cursor type for the session

To start a graphics session

  1. Open a display session in Extra!.

  2. From the Settings dialog box, select Display.

  3. From the General Page, set the appropriate graphics sessions options listed below.

    Support Extended Attributes: Select this to choose your graphics terminal model.

    Program Symbols Support: Enables loadable symbols support. Loadable symbols, also called graphic symbol sets, are sets of symbols that are treated as small, individual bitmaps. Loadable symbols can appear in the graphics layer or the text layer. In the text layer, they are referred to as Program Symbols and are used as custom text.

    No Graphics: Displays a non-graphics session when selected.

  4. Choose from one of the graphics terminal models listed below.

    3179G or 3192G: Displays a graphics terminal with the screen size 720x512. Model 2 cell size is 9x16, and model 3 cell size is 9x12.

    3472G: Displays a graphics terminal with the screen size 720x384. Model 2 cell size is 9x21, and model 3 cell size is 9x16.

    3270PCG: Displays a graphics terminal with the screen size 720x384. Model 2 cell size is 9x21, and model 3 cell size is 9x16.

    Graphics Cursor Appearance: Specifies the appearance of the graphics cursor. You can choose from Crosshair or Boxed.

  5. Choose the OK button to save settings and return to the session.

  6. Select Yes in the dialog box to disconnect from your current session.

NOTE:Changing these settings closes the current session and starts the graphics session. Also note that the data in your current session will be lost.