To make an SSH Connection

  1. Start a new asynchronous session, and select SSH as your Connection type.

  2. From the SSH General page, select either Prompt for Host when Connecting or Choose a Host Name Now.

  3. If you select Choose Host Name Now, also type a host name or IP address in the Host text box, or select a Host name from the list.

  4. If you want to use a port other than the default port 22, enter the port number in the SSH port box.

  5. Select the action you want Extra! to perform if the host disconnects your session.

  6. Choose the Advanced tab.

  7. If necessary, choose encryption and MAC algorithms other than the default settings. If you will be communicating over a slow network connection or a dialup modem, you may want to enable compression.

  8. Enter your user name in the User ID box.

  9. Select the authentication method or methods you wish to use, and use the Up and Down buttons to put the selected methods in the order you wish them to be used.

    If you select Public Key or Password authentication, use the Properties button below the list of methods to set your password or passphrase and key file.

  10. Choose Next.

  11. Select a file transfer type (or None for no file transfer), and choose Next.

  12. Choose Finish to connect your new session. If prompted, provide the host with logon information.