Receiving files from the AS/400 using SQL options

  1. Open the AS/400 File Transfer dialog box and select the Receive option button.

  2. Choose the Edit SQL button to open the SQL property pages.

  3. In the main Edit SQL property page, select the library and filename from the Lib/File (Member) list to specify the data you want to transfer.

  4. Choose the From tab to go to the From page and create a From clause in your SQL query. Enter the library and filename you want to transfer in the From query box. A From clause is always required in an SQL query.

  5. Choose the Select tab to go to the Select page. Enter the particular fields you want to transfer from the host in the Select query box. A Select clause is always required in an SQL query.

    NOTE:If you don't know the field names, click the Fields list to choose from a list of the fields available for the currently selected library and file.

  6. Continue to construct the clauses in your query by choosing the various tabs to display other SQL property pages. Set the SQL options you require for your query using the clauses listed below.

    Each time you display an SQL page, you can enter information in the page and select from any of the entries in the Operations list to include a specific operator in your query. You do not have to construct your query in any specific order.

    NOTE:At any time, you can select the All tab to open a page that displays your entire query. To reset your query and remove everything but the From clause, choose the Reset button.

  7. Choose OK when you are finished constructing your query to return to the AS/400 File Transfer window.

  8. In the AS/400 File Transfer window, choose the Transfer button to start the file transfer.