CANDE Receive File Dialog Box

Using this dialog box, you can specify the name of the file on the PC and the host, and what action to take if the file already exists on the PC.

Table 4-49 CANDE Receive File Dialog Options



PC File Name

Type the name that the file will have on the PC.

Be sure to include the drive and directory where the file is located. If desired, click Browse and select the file from a list of existing files on the PC.

If you leave this text box blank, the file is placed in the directory where T27 is located.

If File Exists

Click the action to take if a file with the same name as the one you are transferring already exists on the PC:


  • Append: Add the contents of the file being transferred to the end of the existing file .

  • Overwrite: Overwrite the existing file with the file being transferred .

  • Cancel: Cancel the file transfer

Host File Name

Type the name of the host file that you want to transfer to the PC.