Upload File To Host Dialog Box

Using this dialog box, you can specify the name of the file on the PC and the host, and what action to take if the file already exists on the host.

  • Type of Transfer. Select Text or Binary to specify the file format you are transferring.

  • Host File Type. Enter the setting required by your host program. The default is DATA.

  • Host File Name. Enter the name you want the file to have on the host.

  • PC File Name. Enter the PC file name. Include a DOS path specification, if the file is not in the Accessory Manager directory.

  • Browse. Select this command to open the Browse dialog box and locate the file on the PC.

  • Record Length. Enter the value required by your host program. The default is 0180.

  • Sequence Numbers in Micro File. Select this option to specify that the PC file already contains line sequence numbers.