9.1.7 Using Command-line Parameters

When starting GraphX from the command line, you can include four optional parameters. These parameters specify the accessory configuration file, the communication path to use, the screen location of the accessory, and the accessory keyname.



-C filename

Indicates the name of the accessory configuration file.

-P pathname

Indicates the path name to use for communication.

-L left , top , right , bottom

Indicates the location and dimensions for positioning the accessory.The left, top, right, and bottomparameters are pixel coordinates specified as integers.


Indicates the keynameassigned to the accessory which is used when opening an accessory from a parent accessory. The keynamefor GraphX is UTS60G.


The following command line syntax runs GraphX, positions the accessory at coordinates 20,60,500,200, and specifies the name of the path over which GraphX receives graphics commands:

GRAPHX -L(20,60,500,200) -PPATHNAME