InfoConnect TCP/IP Transport

The InfoConnect TCP/IP Transport package consists of two InfoConnect libraries:

  • TCP/IP external interface library (TCP/IP)

  • TP0/RFC1006 service library (TP0)

As shown in the following figure, these libraries enable InfoConnect Airlines Gateway to accept connection requests from a networked PC running T27 or UTS Java viewers. They also enable the gateway to communicate with a Unisys A Series, 2200 Series, ClearPath NX, or ClearPath IX host via a TCP/IP network:

Figure 4-15

TCP-A is included in the InfoConnect A Series TCP/IP Transport package. INT1 and Telcon are included in the InfoConnect INT1 Transport package. When you create or configure TCP-A host paths, you configure both TCP-A and the TCP/IP Transport. When you create or configure INT1 host paths, you configure both INT1 and the TACP/IP Transport.