InfoConnect A Series TCP/IP Transport

The InfoConnect A Series TCP/IP Transport package (TCP-AA) consists of the A Series TCP/IP service library.

As shown in the following figure, this library enable PCs to communicate with a Unisys ClearPath NX/LX series or A Series host via any Winsock-compatible TCP/IP network:

Figure 4-16

The TCP/IP external interface library is included in the InfoConnect TCP/IP Transport package. When you create or configure TCP-A paths, you configure both TCP-A and the TCP/IP Transport.

TCP-A Features

TCP-A offers a number of features:

  • You can specify whether to communicate in ASCII for terminal emulation, or in binary for printing.

  • You can specify whether the data should be in an 80-column or 132-column format.

  • You can have TCP-A automatically select the terminal emulation type, or you can select one manually.

  • You can specify either an IP address or a domain name for the host.

  • You can modify the standard EBCDIC-to-ASCII and ASCII-to-EBCDIC translation tables so that you can customize communication between the PC and the host.

  • You can specify advanced configuration options, such as TCP or UDP socket options or the lingering value.

TCP-A Installation Results

When you install TCP-A, the following information is added to the InfoConnect database:

  • The TCP-A package

    The package name is ICW40-ATA, and the description is A Series TCP Protocols.

  • The TCP-A service library

    The Library ID is TCP-A, and the description is A Series TCP Protocol.

  • The TCP-A path template

    The Template ID is TCPA, and the description is A Series TCP Protocol. This path template contains the TCP-A service library and the TCP external interface library, and uses MT for its application type.