Capturing data as you receive it

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Capture Incoming Data.

  2. In the Save As dialog box under File Name, type the name of the file in which to store the captured data, or select a name from the existing list.

  3. If you selected an existing file and wish to add the newly-captured data at the end of the file, select the Append Data To Existing File box. (Leave this box cleared to overwrite the file with the new data.)

  4. If you want to omit control sequences from the captured data, select the Save As Text box.

  5. Choose Save.

    From this point on, everything displayed in your emulation window is placed in the file you named. The Capture Incoming Data command becomes unavailable while it is active.

  6. To stop capturing data, from the Tools menu, choose End Capture.

  7. To display the captured data, open the file in a text editor.

  8. To capture data already on your screen, from the Edit menu, choose Copy.

    NOTE:You can also use the history feature to record received data.