OS2200 Send File Dialog Box

Using this dialog box, you can specify the name of the file on the PC and the host, and what action to take if the file already exists on the host.

Table 4-17



PC File Name

Type the name of the PC file that you want to transfer to the host.

Be sure to include the drive and directory where the file is located. If desired, click Browse and select the file from a list of existing files.

Host File Name

Type the name that you want the file to have on the host.


Click this button to select the desired file from a list of available files.


Click this button to transfer the specified file.


Click this button to close this dialog box without saving any changes.

To receive a file using the OS 2200 file transfer protocol

  1. If a UTS session is not already open, open one.

  2. Make sure OS2200 Editor is selected as the File Transfer Protocol.

  3. If the session is not currently connected to a host, click the icon on the toolbar. (You do not have to run the OS 2200 Editor.)

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click on the toolbar.

    • From the Tools menu, click Receive File.

  5. Complete the OS2200 Receive File dialog box.

  6. Click Transfer.

    If you have configured the OS 2200 file transfer protocol to display the contents of the file, that information appears on the screen during the transfer.