Management and Security Server Administrator Guide

  Management and Security Server Administrator Guide
    About Management and Security Server 12.6.3
      About Management and Security Server
      About Add-On Products
    Manage Sessions
      Add a session
      Launch your session
      Product- or Session-specific settings
      Edit a session
      Copy a session
      Delete a session
    Manage Packages
      Configure a Package
      Upload or Update a Package
    Assign Access
      Search & Assign
      Currently Assigned
    Configure Settings
      General Settings
      General Security
        Server access protocol
        Change administrator password
        Restrict administrator account
        Require new login
        Smart card settings
        Certificate chooser prompt
        Enable identity verification
        Change keystore password
        PKI Server
      Secure Shell
        Administer the Management and Security Server Certificate
        Administer Shared Client Certificate
        Other certificates
      Trusted Certificates
      Credential Store (Reflection for the Web)
      Security Proxy
      Authentication & Authorization
        Choose Authentication Method
        Choose Authorization Method
        LDAP Server Configuration
        Single Sign-on through IIS
        Single Sign-on through Windows Authentication
          Configure Windows Single Sign-on (without LDAP)
          Use LDAP to restrict access to Single Sign-on sessions
          Adding Another Server for Single Sign-on Through Windows
        X.509 Configuration
        SiteMinder Configuration
        Micro Focus Advanced Authentication
        SAML Authentication
          SAML Configuration steps
      Product Activation
        Install an additional product
        Complete the activation
      Automated Sign-On for Mainframe
        Automated Sign-on for mainframe sessions
        DCAS Servers
        Secondary LDAP directory
        User Principal Name (UPN)
        Search filter used with secondary LDAP directory
        Next step
      Terminal ID Manager
        Configuring Clustering
        Upgrading Servers in a Cluster
        When using a Security Proxy
        Troubleshooting Clustering
    Run Reports
      Log File Viewer Reports
      Usage Metering Reports
      Credential Store Reports
      Security Proxy Server Reports
      Assigned Access Reports
    Technical References
      Using the Security Proxy Server
      Security Overview
      Credential stores used in Management and Security Server
        Stores used by MSS in MSSData/trustedcerts
        Keychain in MSSData
        Stores used by Tomcat in server/etc
        Stores used by Security Proxy in proxyserver/keystores
        cacerts in jre/lib/security/cacerts
      X.509 Certificates - Setup Requirements
      Updated Cryptographic Modules
        Why were the cryptographic modules changed?
        What changed in Management and Security Server?
          File extensions
          Certificate Signing Request
          Security Proxy Server
        What do I need to do?
          Using the Security Proxy Server
          Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
      Using Log Viewer
        To use the Log Viewer
          Other Features
          Changing Logging Options
            An example using
          Gathering Log Files to View on another Server or to Send to Technical Support