Host Access Management and Security Server - Release Notes

February 2020

Management and Security Server (MSS) version 12.6.3 released February 2020.

1.0 What’s New

  • Improved Clustering configuration and workflow

    The Management and Security Server (MSS) clustering workflow has been improved and simplified.

    • Joining a cluster is now done from a single view .

    • More detailed feedback is provided throughout the process.

    • MSS certificates are automatically exchanged.

    • Common issues are now detected via pre-flight checks and warnings are provided.

  • Configurable temp directory

    Beginning in version 12.6.3, MSS creates and uses a temp directory located inside the product’s installation folder. This feature enables MSS to install and run on systems where the system default temp directory is locked down for security reasons.

    See Installing and Running MSS on a Locked-down System (in the MSS Installation Guide) for detailed instructions to adjust the temp directory during installation.

  • Storage of LDAP passwords

    LDAP server passwords, and other passwords used by the Management and Security Server, are now stored in an encrypted keychain using the Keychain feature.

  • Released with Host Access for the Cloud version 2.4.3

1.1 Features

All releases are cumulative, and contain the features introduced in earlier releases.

  • SAML assertions must be signed (12.6.2)

  • Metering is capable of high availability in a clustered MSS deployment. (12.6)

  • Metering is always installed with Management and Security Server.(12.6)

  • Redesigned Terminal ID Manager Console. (12.6)

  • Added the ability to configure multiple DCAS servers for use with Automated Sign-on for Mainframe. (12.6)

  • Management and Security Server is installed using the automated installer for 64-bit systems on Linux, UNIX, or Windows. (12.6)

1.2 Reminder

  • Management and Security Server requires 3.40 GHz (4 cores) and 8 GB of RAM to run efficiently.

2.0 Known Issues

If you encounter issues with Management and Security Server 12.6.3, contact Micro Focus Support.

3.0 Resources

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Product information, including the MSS Add-On products and a Free Trial link.

Support Resources, including Knowledge Base articles

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