12.0 Upgrading to Version 12.6 SP1

Use the automated installer to upgrade to Management and Security Server (MSS).

CAUTION:Check this list before you begin upgrading.

  • Compatibility. The versions of the products that use Management and Security Server to be sure that connections work as expected.

    • Host Access for the Cloud version 2.5 is compatible with MSS 12.6 SP1.

    • Reflection for the Web:

      • version13.1 is compatible with MSS 12.6 SP1
      • version 13.0 Hotfix 4 is compatible with MSS 12.6.2
    • The Security Proxy Server must be the same <major>.<minor>.<update> version as Management and Security Server.

  • If you used Replication in a previous version, you can use the simplified Clustering workflow in MSS. See Upgrading Replicated Servers.

  • Manual installation is no longer supported. If your current version was installed using manual installation files -- and you cannot use an automated installer -- contact Support for guidance.

Upgrading topics: