4.2 Configure the Administrative Server

Before you begin creating and configuring sessions, set your preferences for using the MSS Administrative Console.

4.2.1 Initial Settings

After you log in to the Administrative Server, set your initial preferences.

  1. Open Configure Settings - General Settings. Enter your initial settings and preferences. Open Help for more information. Click APPLY.

  2. Open Configure Settings - General Security. Scroll to the Require new login field.

    Change the default to a higher number to avoid a session timeout while you are configuring settings. Click APPLY.

As you begin to work with the product features, open Help [?] and expand the Contents for more information.

NOTE:To configure the servers to run with administrative privileges, right-click the Start menu and click Properties. On the Compatibility tab, select Run this program as an administrator, and then click OK.

4.2.2 Next Steps

When ready, you can configure the Metering Server, or install and configure your Add-On Products.

For details, see: