10.2 Step 1: Installing Micro Focus Advanced Authentication Add-On

The Advanced Authentication Add-On is installed with an activation file, as follows.

  1. After purchasing Micro Focus Advanced Authentication Add-On, you will receive information about downloading the product activation file: activation.advanced_authentication-12.7.n.jaw

  2. Download the activation file and note the location.

  3. In the Management and Security Server, open the MSS Administrative Console and click Configure Settings - Product Activation.

  4. Click ACTIVATE NEW and browse to activation.advanced_authentication-12.7.n.jaw.

  5. Click the file. The Advanced Authentication Add-On is installed and added to the Product list.

  6. Restart your browser to ensure that the MSS Administrative Console is fully updated with the new set of activation files. You do not need to restart the Administrative Server (MSS Server) service.

  7. Continue with Step 2: Setting up Advanced Authentication in the MSS Administrative Console.