Host Access Management and Security Server - Release Notes

March 2021

Management and Security Server (MSS) version 12.7.1 released March 2021.

1.0 What’s New

Management and Security Server 12.7.1 released with Host Access for the Cloud version 2.6.1.

All MSS releases are cumulative, and contain the features introduced in earlier releases. For previous versions, see MSS Documentation.

1.1 Features and Fixes

  • TLS 1.3 is now supported and enabled on core components in MSS. Clients that do not yet support TLS 1.3 will fall back to earlier TLS versions. (12.7.1)

  • Assigned Sessions list. Users of Host Access for the Cloud, Reflection Desktop, InfoConnect Desktop, and Reflection for the Web can launch their sessions from an HTML-based portal (no Java required). (Introduced in 12.6.11; improved in 12.7)

    The Assigned Sessions portal replaces the Java-based links list. For more information, including the product version requirements, see Providing Access to Sessions in the MSS Administrative Console help.

  • Added the ability to adjust SAML Service Provider settings: session timeout and assertion signing. (12.7)

  • Multiple bug fixes and security updates.

1.2 Changes in Behavior and Usage

  • Upon upgrading the Security Proxy, if a proxy port has only a DSA certificate, the port will not support TLS 1.3; however, it will continue to allow TLS 1.2 and lower protocols. TLS 1.3 is not compatible with a DSA certificate.

    To adjust the configuration to support the desired TLS protocols, use the Security Proxy Wizard. The Security Proxy Wizard, as well as the Security Proxy Server log files, will indicate any configuration mismatches that prevent TLS 1.3 operation.

2.0 Known Issues

If you encounter issues with Management and Security Server 12.7.1, contact Micro Focus Support.

3.0 Contacting Micro Focus

Check these online resources.

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support.