5.0 Configure Sessions to use Terminal ID Manager

Once Terminal ID Manager is installed and configured, you can configure sessions to use it, and then assign the sessions to users or groups.

5.1 Configure the sessions

  1. In the MSS Administrative Console, open Manage Sessions.

  2. Either Add a session or Edit an existing one. Refer to the Supported emulators and session types, if needed.

  3. In the session, locate the Use Terminal ID Manager setting, which is specific to your emulator.

    For instance, in a Host Access for the Cloud session:

    1. Click Connection.

    2. In the Device name menu, select Use Terminal ID Manager.

    3. Configure the settings, and click Test.

      Refer to Help, as needed.

    4. When done, click Save.

For other emulators, refer to the product documentation.

5.2 Assign the sessions

Remember to assign these sessions to specified users or groups.

To do so, return to the MSS Administrative Console and open Assign Sessions. Click Help, as needed.

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