4.2 Pools

The currently defined pools are listed in this table, along with their attributes. Use the Column Chooser to customize the display.

  • Name: the name for this pool, set in the database

  • Selection Criteria: the ID attributes that must match request attributes from the client in order to have an ID allocated from this pool

  • ID Totals: the number of IDs in the pool

  • Allocated: the number of IDs in the pool that are currently allocated

  • Free: the number of IDs in the pool that are not allocated, and available for client sessions (if not held)

  • Held: the number of IDs in the pool that are in Hold status, and therefore currently unavailable for further allocation to client sessions

  • Timed Out: the number of IDs in the pool that have exceeded the configured communication timeout interval

  • Communication timeout interval: the number of minutes that must elapse without communication with an allocated session for an ID to be classified as timed out

    If no value is specified here, the server default, specified in Server Settings is used. See Communication timeout interval.

  • Heartbeat interval: the number of minutes in which a client is expected to send a regular heartbeat message to the server, indicating that the ID is still in use by the client.

    The value set in Server Settings applies to all pools unless the value is explicitly overridden for an individual pool during pool configuration.

In the list of pools, you can

  • Click Download CSV to view this table‚Äôs data in a spreadsheet.

  • Click the Name of a pool to configure settings for the IDs in that pool.

    See Pool IDs.

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