2.2 Set up the Database

On the machine where Terminal ID Manager is installed, follow these steps.

  1. Stop the servlet runner. (On Windows, the service name is Micro Focus MSS Server.)

    You must stop the servlet runner to populate or modify the Terminal ID Management database with your operational pool and ID definitions.

  2. Edit the SQL file that will add your data definitions to the Terminal ID Management database:

    1. Open <install location>\MSS\utilities\idmutils\ template_scripts.

      Locate the sample database script: populate_idm_db_template.sql, and open it in a text editor.

      The sample file includes basic examples of the various ID attributes and pool types that you are likely to need.

    2. After you identify your organizational needs, including the users and sessions that you plan to manage, use the instructions in the populate_idm_db_template.sql file to create an SQL file for your site.

    3. Save your edited file in the root of the idmutils folder with a name such as populate_idm_db.sql.

      At this same level, you’ll see two execute files:

      • execute_idm_sql.bat (for Windows)
      • execute_idm_sql.sh. (for UNIX)
  3. Using a text editor, open the execute_idm_sql file for your system and follow the instructions to update the path for the MSSData folder.

  4. Continue with the instructions in the execute_idm_sql file.

    Using elevated permissions, execute the command to run the statements of the SQL file you edited (in step 2) to populate the Terminal ID Management database.

    • On Windows:

      • a. Open a command window as administrator.
      • (If the cmd window is not run with administrator rights, then the batch file commands may fail because of insufficient access rights.)
      • b. Run the execute_idm_sql.bat file with the SQL file you saved above (step 2c).
      •  For example: C:\>execute_idm_sql.bat populate_idm_db.sql
    • On UNIX:

      • a. Open a shell prompt and execute the script using the root account. If the execute_idm_sql.sh file does not have execute permissions, set the permission: chmod 755 execute_idm_sql.sh
      • (If the shell prompt is not run with root authority, then the script commands may fail because of insufficient access rights.)
      • b. Run the shell script with the SQL file you created above (step 2c).
      •  For example: $./execute_idm_sql.sh populate_idm_db.sql
  5. Start the Micro Focus MSS Server service.

  6. Next step: Open the Terminal ID Manager Console